For a standard high overhead (so body is side-on) preparation where should your body be in relation to the path of the shuttle? i.e should the shuttle, if it were to drop, land in line with your shoulders/just behind your back or should it be further right (in the case of right handed player)?

I had not thought about it previously and do the former. However I was thinking that I can't see how your body will move further left if you do a scissor kick or a full jump shot and your right hip and shoulder are coming through (further right). Therefore, if the shuttle is on a line with your shoulder line originally, then you either will have an angled right arm at impact (over to your left-hand side) or a significantly angled/bent over upper body to have a more vertical arm. Maybe it is the case that this is what you should do or maybe I have made some other mistake in what I've reasoned, but I decided I didn't actually know, so decided to seek advice. The adjustment of positioning would only be very minor of course just feet slightly to the left and end up pointing with non-racket arm fractionally to the right.

Thanks, J