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    Default Intensive Training?

    Ok so I've got a couple months holidays from college over the summer and I'm looking to do some serious training before next seasons tournaments start. Any suggestions on how I can go about doing this?

    I was thinking the other day about playing with the same people all the time and not really getting enough good practice. It'd be great to play with different people more often. Has anybody done something like this before? You do an exchange with somebody where they come over to your country for say 5 days or whatever and you train for a couple hours every morning and afternoon, do some running in the afternoons as well,take a break for a couple hours then play games for a couple hours every night. You arrange games so the person who comes over plays against a couple of your friends so if there is a little standard difference you can provide stronger/weaker opponents. You provide meals for the person for the duration of their say, maybe accomodation, or they just stay in a b&b. Then you swap over and do the same thing over in their country... Has anybody done anything like this or would anybody be interested? Obviously you wouldn't want to travel half way around the world but I think it could be good fun and good for your badminton. Opinions?

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    Hello, i had a few free month last year, too. But since i had never heard of a badminton camp all i did to train my selfe for the foolowing badminton season was running. In fact i did running almost every day for two month for 1-2 hours. I mean this is not an ideal training for badminton. This year i started to simply always ask all better player to play against me. and i went to different gyms (where the better players train). This helped me alot. sorry ireland is too far for me Good luck...
    Ps: i was inspired by viewing taufik hidayats victory (olympic games). I just HAD to train immediately to improve..

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