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    Default Training center in Manila

    Any of you Filipinos who know where to get proper training in Badminton? I work during the day...but I would really like to train after-office. I started playing 2 months ago and I would like to improve my doing drills, etc.

    Please kindly advice...


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    Hi Rani,

    I replied to your question about the Yonex equipment and you could also ask Mang Jun or Coach Poly about training skeds for civilians.

    Other option is Camp Aguinaldo Badminton Club - I don't have their number but I know they have coaches available after lunch on Sundays. There is also Camp Crame - but I've never been there and not sure if there are available coaches.

    Maybe you could drop by these places and personally inquire - if these places are near your residence.

    Hope this helps.


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    You can get trained at Camp Aguinaldo. My officemate is currently being trained by Ronald Magnaye. I believe he is currently a school badminton coach and was part of the national team years ago. He trains every weekends.

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    Default Re: Training center in Manila

    Thanks! I'll check it out...Is it possible for me to talk to your officemate at least, I'll have an idea about the fees...what time the training starts...etc. You can give me his/her contact number...or you guys can contact me at 8785815.

    Thanks in advance...

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