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    Question Badminton Ladder

    Hi folks

    Can anyone help me; I am trying to source a badminton ladder for a small club to inject some competition and increase the enjoyment of club nights.

    Does anyone have any ideas or know where I can source such a ladder?

    Many thanks


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    One is to rank the players according to their level of play and depending on how many players shows up, you group them into groups of 4 or 5 and have them play amongst each other and the one that wins the group gets to move up while the loser move down.

    E.g. you have two groups of 4 and 5.
    Group 1 of 4 = A, B, C, D and Group 2 of 5 = E F G H I.
    Group 1 will have games of AB vs CD, AC vs BD and AD vs BC and Group 2 will have games of EF vs GH, EG vs FI, EH vs GI, EI vs FH, FG vs HI (each one player ended up partnering with one of the four). Let's assume that after the games are played and Group 1 ranked is A, B, D, C and Group 2 is G, E, I, H, F. The ladder will then look like A, B, D, G, C, E, I, H, F (A and G won their groups and C and F lose their groups so C and G has to interchange their position). For players who didn't show up, you move them down one slot.

    ** Please keep in mind that not everyone in your club would be interested in the ladder.

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