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    Quote Originally Posted by mustang
    Would you mind picking me up one? I'll pay you
    Hi Mustang, you're look for an MP100? If so, please contact me, directly.

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    Default Off-topic, and hopefully this will be the last one.

    Not my racket, so I can't examine it.

    Quote Originally Posted by taneepak
    If a racquet breaks when playing but without ever clashing, then it is likely it was already damaged earlier, possibly from earlier poor stringing jobs. 2-point machines do stress racquets when pulling the crosses. You should use a magnifying glass and look over your racquet when you get it back from the stringer. I use a 10 x eye-piece, the type used to examine colour slides, solely for this purpose.
    I didn't claim it was the tension. I'm only claiming that MP100 is fragile. If you read, it probably is because that MP100 is one of the early batches.

    Quote Originally Posted by wazzzzaaaas
    wow thats weird 20lbs is usually quite low.. i doubt it broke because of the tension

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