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    Default strining noob needs a few answers

    now here's the deal.
    1. i have yonex isometric swing power SA. now i've seen in a yonex catalogue that some rackets should be strung in the way that the cross has more tension for about 1 or 2 lbs while some rackets should be strung in the way that main and cross strings have the same tension. i was wondering how's with my racket? should the cross strings have higher tension than the mains?

    2. i know that there are lots of stringing i was wondering which one is the best?

    3. should i use different stringing techniques for different racket types? like...would it be better if lets say yonex muscle power series rackets would be strung using technique A, swing power using technique B and so on... or is it really the same whether u're using a single technique on all types of rackets?

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    I think many of ur questions being discussed multiple times before, and please do a search. Here's a quick summary:

    1. Personally, I believe the so-call different string method (i.e. 4 knots vs 2 knots) are highly depend on the type of machine u use.

    2. In yonex string pattern, it usually suggests 10% more tension on cross. However, it also depend on the string machine (mounting method) u use.

    3. I don't think any method are way better than another, as long as its proven to be reliable.

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