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    <html>do you think the scoring should be changed in badminton ?. if yes then should the number of sets also be changed ?. would scoring a point for every rally won not be more interesting, create more exciting/pressure points in a match. maybe better for tv viewing ?. as this would shorten the time it takes to play each game ,a match could be 5 sets to 15. this may seem a large amount of rallies but i think it would be no more than at present as many rallies are played for no points therfore not counted.

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    Yu Fei

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    <html>Well, this is just my opinion, but I like it the way<br>it is now. Having players go at it, struggling and trading the serve<br>back and forth is pretty cool, I think.<p>I think something else might be changed, though, and that's <br>the way team games are scored. It bothers me that a win<br>gives your team a point, and a loss contributes nothing<br>to your team.... even if you only lost by a point.<p>I think it'd be cool if they added your points to a team<br>total anyway, even if you lost, so that even if you're<br>losing, you try not to lose by so much.<p>(Kinda like track and field where you have people<br>fighting for third place or whatever to add a point to<br>the team's total.)<p>I know it probably won't change, but oh well, it's just<br>an idea of mine.

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