Hi. i've got two badminton rackets that i have been trying to find information on but i havent been able to find anything. My rackets are...

A Yonex - (Carbonex 16) its like a metallic blue with white design on the frame and its a two piece with a carbon graphite shaft...its got code of what appears to be 3 08090 CD in it at least thats what i think it is its the 9 was kind of worn down. i know the CD stands for canada but im not sure about anything


A Carlton - (C-970) its a blue tempered steel shaft and a sliver frame with red lines and its a three piece...I would also like to know what JAK means which had been etched in to the thing thats in between the shaft and the grip.

If anyone can find any information on these to rackets like the year they were manufactered i would love to hear from you So maybe my coach will stop picking on me cause he claims that my carlton racket is older then me haha