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    Default I'm kept at the rearcourt!

    Hi! I'm a offensive singles player, and the best part of my game is at the net. My other techniques are okay. But, the opponents who understands my games just like to keep me at the backcourt. If I clear to the baseline or hit a dropshot, I like to go forward quickly to take control at the net, but my opponents will just lob me back. Often, when they lob me back, I am a little out of position and with my body weight at the back, I could only hit some half-court clears. So, all my opponents who knows my game will always adopt this tactics to win me.

    My question is, how should I rectify this problem? Is it that I moved forward too quickly? I hope that all of you could help me. Thanks!!!

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    Default Re: I'm kept at the rearcourt!

    The solution to this problem is to work on the weak parts of your game, in this case, your rearcourt play. Practice your footwork for moving backwards. Also, your body actions may be giving away, or "telegraphing," what your next action will be. There are some people in my club whose drop shot from the rearcourt can be seen a mile away by how they move. When I see it coming, I close to the net for the kill. You could try to develop some fakes and deception, so you keep your opponents guessing.

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    Default Re: I'm kept at the rearcourt!

    Easy tactical solutions.

    1) Hit a smash to make them block to the net. (doesn't have to be a killer smash!)
    2) after a rear court drop, skip one step forward and make the timing for your next step come just after the opponent has played their reply.

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    Default Re: I'm kept at the rearcourt!

    You might try varying your clear a bit...hitting it deep right or deep left so your opponent has to work a bit harder for it. But mainly I'd agree with what Phil said: build up your footwork and back court play, and also what Cheung said: hit a smash instead of another clear.

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    Default split step

    yup, don't forget to take a split (timing) step to coincide with your opponent's reply so that you land & are prepared to move in any direction as the shuttle comes off their racket. if you are getting wrong-footed then you may not be taking a split step or you are making this step too late.

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