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    Default Insoles slipping

    Ok so I got orthotics (sp?) recently and they don't fit well in my shb-98's. They're actually ok if I do running on a treadmill, but when I went for a game of doubles for the first time I found that they seemed to slip out of position which was quite uncomfortable. If I put my hand inside the shoe I can move the insole forward and back a bit. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this? I can't glue them in because I have to transfer them to whatever shoes I'm wearing. Maybe I just have to go buy shoes which are slightly smaller?

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    let me guess, the shoes have a weaved cloth like liner, while the insole have a smooth shiny foam like bottom?

    i have had that same problem with some insolve i have tried. the two just do not stick together and will slide against each other when under pressure.

    i have tried a small pair of shoes. smaller shoes do not help as the sides do not hold the insole in place. (YMMV though)

    i ended stopped using those insoles and went back to my normal ones.

    however, if you do have to use it, this is something that i thought about but have never tried. find a thin piece of rubber and lined that between the shoe and the insole. the rubber piece should give enough grab and friction to stop it from sliding. as i said, i haven't tried this but would be interesting to see if that works.

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