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    Wink What is the BEST racquet?

    Hi to all:

    I started playing badminton 3 months ago, and i just discovered that there are so many racquet brands that one can choose from. A little bit late, as i already bought a Carlton Airblade 500. Although i love using it, i dont know if its the best one for me. That's why i'm asking for your help guys. What can you say is the best racquet brand? Best, meaning on overall criteria, such as performance, price, durability, etc.

    Thanks, i hope a lot of you guys can give our opinion?

    One question, why is YONEX so darn expensive compared to other racquets?

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    there is no best racket. all depends on what suits you the best.

    in the future, please do a search. this same answerless question has been asked numerous times before.

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