<html>1) What is the effect of varying degrees of string tension upon a badminton racquet's power and control? I know that in tennis, lower string tensions add power to the racquet and sacrifice control, whereas high tension increases the control but results in less power. Is the concept the same in badminton? I am having trouble developing much touch with my dropshots (which mostly seem to hit the net about 2" low) and I am wondering if a change in string tension might help.<p>2) What are the effects of string thickness on power and control? I am currently using BG 65 strung on my Carbonex 8300 (tension unknown, I am guessing middle of recommended range), which I understand is a string known principally for its durability. If I went to a thinner gauge string like BG-70 or BG-85, would that increase my control on drop shots and drop smashes? How would it effect the power of my clears and smashes?<p>