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Thread: Ti10 or NS8000?

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    ooo!! i got a Ti-10!!! now i just gotta wait for shipping can't waitt

    anyways i'll try to see if i can do a small review on it....i haven't tried to NS8K but i can certainly try to tell you what i think the pros and the cons are of the Ti-10!

    oh and about the durability part..... i was watching an All England 2004 dvd which i got from Han....[from market place, he's an honest seller]...getting back on topic...i was watching mixed doubles, there was a korean pair playing wasn't Kim Dong Moon, it was the other pair....anyways the guy was using a Ti-10 and the woman was using Mp99, they were trying to defend a smash when all of a sudden their opponent smashed it in the middle, and their racquets clashed...the MP 99 BROKE, but the Ti-10 seemed fine ...but then again, as some ppl have said earlier...about the micro crack might just break later i just hope o can keep my Ti-10 for as long as possible....

    i'll tell everyone once i've recieved it....i wanna smash with it to see if it's CrAzY lol


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brave_Turtle
    I played with NS8k today. I couldn't wait to try it because some group of people A said it was head light, yet very powerful which impress me alot.

    Some other group of people B were saying it just couldn't match the power of high end MP's or AT's so I was very curious to know in which type of group I was.

    After a while, a was very disapointed. I mean, the racquet was good really good but, not as good as I expected.

    It was very light and very maneuvarable but like many other says... you just can't compare its power to any of AT700 or a MP100. IMHO comparing a Ti-10 with a NS8k wouldn't be fair at all...

    But then again, thats just me. Check my review!
    I guess I am definitely a Group A type of people by your definition. I have been playing with the NS8000 since I got it 3 weeks ago. A couple days ago, I was playing with a C player who managed to hit my NS8000 on his backhand. Just to be safe, I switched back to my Ti10 for the remainder of those 2 games.

    The bad news is, I did notice immediately some loss in power playing with the Ti10. The good news is, despite the paint chipped on the NS8000 where it got hit, the frame seems to be intact. Maybe getting hit on the 10 o'clock position where Yonex puts the nano carbon (i.e. Fullerene) did help prevent a more severe damage.

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