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Thread: Racket Rankings

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    Thumbs up Racket Rankings

    What is the racket rankings? Everyone knows Yonex is the number 1 badminton racket. Yonex has the best quality and performance rackets. What about others - Prince, Wilson, Carlton, Victor and more...? Thanks.


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    Default branding


    Everybody does NOT "KNOW"
    Quote Originally Posted by Alanng
    Yonex has the best quality and performance rackets.

    The Yonex BRAND is dominating sales and marketing, but that in it self doesn't prove Yonex-rackets is better performing than top models from other manufacturers nor better quality..

    There is to my knowledge no statistics that proves performance or quality would be higher for Yonex than other racket-producers.
    The fact that many great players are using Yonex-racket dosn't prove the rackets are superior to other brands.. It can easily be explained by the fact that Yonex pays these pros better than competing companies does for using their equipment.

    It is logical to conclude by the many pro's using Yonex, that the performance of Yonex rackets at least isn't significantly worse than other brands (in that case pros would be likelyto use other brands despite getting payed less in sponsorhip for using them, if their competetive results would improve by a large degree by using that technology).

    there is also to my knowledge no studies or statistics that show Yonex racket would be more durable than any other brand of rackets..

    But of course the "percieved" notion of quality and performance is what sponsorship anf marketing is all about!!


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    Windows might be the leader in operating system market. However, it's definitely not everyone's favorite, especially to the professionals due to lack of reliability and security. Many of them choose Unix or Linux instead.

    Better sales does NOT mean better performance or even a better deal.

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