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    Default New Carlton plastic shuttles

    Central Sports are now selling the new Carlton F1 and F2 synthetic shuttles (well, they would be if they weren't waiting for stock).

    The F1: "A genuine league quality synthetic to rival anything on the market. This is the result of a massive investment in research and development from Carlton to produce a new synthetic shuttle that could be used by clubs for league standard play. The F1 closely matches the playability of a feather shuttle, with a natural hang and drop flight path but retains the durability of a synthetic."

    The F2 has "...a flatter hang and drop flight path..."

    Does anyone know anything about these shuttles, or when they will become available? As I'm in charge of getting our club's shuttles for next season I would be interested to see how they compare to the Mavis 370.


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    There a bit quick to be fair, although the little blighters last forever! At least you can see them though!

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