Why not an Olympic medal winner from Lucknow: Gopichand

Iti Shree Misra,TNN | Jan 24, 2014



..."I lost my baggage! I only have the clothes that I am wearing right now with me. We took a flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai and then Lucknow and somewhere en route, my bags got misplaced,"...

Thankfully, this isn't Gopichand's first visit to Lucknow. In fact, he has been a fairly regular visitor to the city, for badminton tournaments. "Considering that our association's ( Badminton Association of India
) president and secretary are from Lucknow, they are gracious enough to invite me whenever a major tournament takes place here and which, to my delight, is fairly often. I love the kebabs here," says Gopichand, even as he asks for good non-veg eateries in the city.