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Q: what would be scope of the forum? will it be stringing techniques only (ie. mainly for stringers to discuss stringing) ? or will it also include things like tension, or others? (where non-stringers can discuss stringing related issues)

i ask the second question as we need to have a clean division between the proposed forum and the current Equipment forum.
The stringing forum would be for discussion of
stringing machines
stringing techniques
stringing tools
where to buy machines/tools
stringing patterns for different racquets
tension, if it relates to how to string

NOT for how tension affects playing badminton
maybe not for how different stringing patterns affect racquet/string performance

currently, these could be spread across the Equipment, Techniques and Marketplace forums

Some stringing things I would leave in Marketplace
Stringing Machine for Sale
Where can I find a good stringer

I see the Equipment forum as for anything on court/used at courtside during a game
i.e. racquet,strings,shuttles,shoes,clothes,grip,sweat absorbing powder,etc
how different strings perform would stay in the equipment forum