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    Default Re-stringing in Reading, Berks

    could some kind person please share their information regarding whether there are any cheap restringing places in Reading. I currently use the Racquet Shop (Shinfield Rd), but it is quite dear at 17 (labour+string).

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Cheaper restringing service in Reading?

    Yeah, I've been using the same place, down Shinfield Rd. I think they used to be 15 not so long ago - went up a couple of quid the last time I went. If you belong to a club, you might be able to get a 10% / 15% discount - maybe?

    I've heard of another place in Henley (not sure just where though - I can find out, some others in the club use it) - but I think they are about the same price.

    Pity the Racket/Racquet (?) shop won't redo just the odd string - I had a string go just a few months after having had the whole thing done.

    Don't know if the University / Students Union / Wolfenden Sports Centre offer any kind of restringing service?

    HHhmmm, a cheaper restringing service does need to be sort I feel, sorry I couldn't be of any more help... anyone else any idea?


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