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    Default Badminton in College Station (Texas A&M)

    I will be moving to college station, TX for school and I was wondering if any of you know of places to play, Iam sure there is though I couldnt find any info on the college website. I will head to the college gym, first thing when I reach there to find out and ask around too. But I was wondering if there were any present or former aggies in this forum who could help out. Thanks in advance.

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    Don't worry, in the recreational center of the university, there are people playing. By rules, there should always be 3 badminton courts open. So, if not you can ask. The rec is open from 6am to 12am on weekdays of regular semester.

    Friday night is especially full of players on the court. The court is quite nice and ceiling is very high, so no worries of shuttle hitting the ceiling like some horrible gym that I have seen.

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