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    Hi all, i have a question is that, i have been working out 3 times a week for 2 weeks already. I can lift up 20 lbs weight by wrist, but cannot lift it up by arm. Do u guys know why? and also, shouldn't arm is more strengther then wrist? or maybe i got the wrong skill when i worked out?...
    I train my wrist by that way: sit on the bench, then place my forearm on the bench and lift the weight up and down only by wrist...
    For my arm: just stand, lift the weight up in front of my chest then lift it down,and so on!!!
    P.S, 20 lbs weight is used by both training, it doesn't matter the sequence of training my wrist or arm, i still cannot lift 20 lbs weight by arm......
    any suggestions would be greatly appreicated!!!

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    sorry guys, i forgot something to tell. I follow the way to do is that 10-15 times in a set and do 3 sets...for my wrist, i can do it well, but my upper arm i can just only do 5 times in a set, then i cannot do the next set!!!!!
    P.S. it doesn't matter the sequence of training my wrist and upper arm.

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    Actually, you need to train up your shoulder too. And I THINK an effective way would be lying down horizontally on something with your chest facing the ground and let your hands hang with weights then lift it until its on the same level as your chest. You'd form a cross this way and then slowly put it back down. That should build up your shoulder.

    By the way, its not necessary to keep building up on your arm strength because the shuttle is clocked at a certain speed anyway. If I were you, I'd build it up to an adequate level, and then train it for endurance. So instead of increasing the weight, I'd increase the number of lift I do. I hope that helps.

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    Hey billy whatever gym your training at speak to a personal trainer and get them to put together a sports specific program for you. For example badminton your looking for leg speed(strenght) and arm power. Your biceps are probably not as developed as your forearm muscle. Try working on biceps for a while. You don't need to work specifically on your wrists since working on your biceps will incorporate the movement of the wrist. Try doing preacher curls and standing dumbell curls. Preachers will help both your wrist and your biceps and the standing dumbell curls will develop your biceps. Oh another great exercise is actually lying on a bench that is on a 45 degree angle and use dumbells and raise then one arm at a time but do it in a slow and concentrated manner. Well hope this helps.


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    Hey billy, i agree with nick. A personal trainer **should** be able to tell you if you have some sort of problem or weakness with your bicep or upper arm that's preventing you from gaining weight there. unless you're very careful, don't do bicep curls just standing up like you're doing now. if you can do 5 reps at a weight, then there's a possibility that when you're lifting the weight you might be putting your back and shoulder into it. I suggest preacher curls and anything else including machines that isolate the bicep.

    But also, the bicep just isn't that important for badminton. you should be working your shoulder and upper back for badminton-specific strength and your abs, quads, hamstrings and lower back for core body stability and power transfer. You should also be doing plyometrics but that's a whole new post

    hope this helps

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