Hi everybody,

Not sure this is an appropriate place to post it, so pardon me those who find my post inapropriate.

I have Monday, Aug 15 to Thursday, Aug 18 tickets for sale for their original price ($21 a day), plus tax and shipping, which I paid when I bought them. Overall, I'm asking for $100 for all 4 tickets. The sit is in P2 area (section 224), which is the closest area to the coursts (see the map at http://www.05worlds.com/article.asp?id=1101). I live in San Jose, so the offer is probably only relevant for people from the Bay Area.

I planned to go myself, but some unfortunate circumstances prevent me from it. I hope somebody will buy my tickets and enjoy the games instead of me!

Please, send me a message, or email dmitriev_p@pisem.net if interested.