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    Default Howdy from Locomoco in San Mateo/Mt. View

    Hi all,

    After a 10 year break, I'm finally trying to get back into the game... I used to play mixed-doubles in high school/college in San Jose, and my partner and I managed to make it to 3rd place in CCS competition... but that was a long time ago.

    Things sure have changed where a Yonex Carbonex racket can be had for $50. And now they're using nanotechnology in rackets... I guess biochemical nanite rackets and birdies will be all the rage in a few years - just make my biochemical nanite racket red and I'll be happy.

    Now off to get some court shoes and then dive into the rich information held within these pages.

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    Welcome to badmintonforum, Locomoco!

    I was in your shoes about 4 years ago. Out of badminton for the last 10 years. Progress will be fast, don't worry, ... my best advice is to get coaching and re-learn GOOD habits. At least you don't have to worry about bad habits getting in the way.


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