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    Default New app aims to reduce sports injuries


    By Noah Tan

    Published: 4:15 AM, October 24, 2015

    SINGAPORE — While injuries are inevitable in the world of sport, there is now an app for teams and players to reduce the possibility of getting them.

    German multinational software corporation SAP is developing a new application that promises to help prevent sport injuries from occurring, and it could soon be widely embraced by sports teams around the world.

    Known as the Injury Risk Monitor (IRM), the program first gathers data such as the athlete’s heart rate, distance travelled and respiratory rate — measured through wearable and non-wearable devices — during training, physical tests or matches.

    The system also takes into consideration the fitness level of the player based on his or her diet, exercise regime and injury history, before applying a predictive mathematical formula to calculate propensities for injuries to various parts of the athlete’s body. The data is then transformed into meaningful information and simple visualisations for coaches and medical professionals, to allow them to identify and collaboratively alleviate the risks.

    While the IRM is still in the prototype phase, Dirk Schauenberg, the head of sports performance at S-League side Home United, thinks it will simplify a coach’s job and be welcomed by teams worldwide.

    Speaking at the SAP Asia Pacific Media Summit held at Marina Bay Sands yesterday, Schauenberg said: “From what I see, this technology allows coaches to closely track the physiological state of their players. So coaches can now customise their training regimes accordingly to bring a player to a high level of performance and this, in turn, gives the team a huge advantage. I’m always using data and different systems, but the way this application tracks the players and allows us to get real-time data is new, and seems useful.”

    Sports physician Dr Roger Tian, the medical director for the Singapore Sports Medicine Centre, added: “Up to 70 per cent of injuries occur because of overuse. It happens because the athlete places too much stress on his or her body, be it on the muscles, joints or cardiovascular system.

    “And, if you look at professional athletes, there are many important signs and parameters which this technology can help us pick up. If this data is analysed by someone knowledgeable, it should allow them to predict if athletes are pushing themselves too hard, or not enough.”

    A demonstration of the IRM technology was shown at yesterday’s event, with Home United goalkeeper Zulfairuuz Rudy donning a sensory vest under his jersey while performing several football drills. The data captured was immediately recorded and shown on screen, ready for future analysis.

    Although there is already keen interest in the IRM from football, cricket and baseball, Puneet Suppal, Solution Strategy & Adoption executive of SAP, said the company has yet to set a time frame for the release of the application.

    “The framework of the IRM will be customised for different users from various sports,”
    he explained. “But for sports like football and cricket, we need to build some unique things around it. So we don’t have a fixed date at the moment to release this.

    “Unlike many other software, there is a collaborative process that needs to take place. We’re working with experts in the field so that the right rules are there. We have the right experts guiding us to build the right algorithms, because we need to be able to predict the right injury, and then to measure it correctly as well.”

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    This is good news. I hope we will see less injuries of athletes in sport, both during and after their career. Btw, I didn’t know that SAP has sports department. I just got to know their famous ERP solution.


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