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Thread: Rudy Hartono

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    Rudy Hartono
    By Jason Tedjasukmana Monday, Nov. 13, 2006

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    ...Granted, badminton does not have the massive followings of soccer or cricket. But to its devoted fans there is no sound sweeter than the swish of a goosefeather shuttlecock. Just ask the Indonesians, who arguably are the most fanatical followers of all.

    ...He trained on concrete at a nearby railway station during the day, and under kerosene lamps at night, under the watchful eye of his father ó a player of average ability who channeled frustrated ambitions through his son. "Back then, athletes became successful because of their parents," explains Hartono...

    ..."I remember listening to the match on the radio when I was growing up in Central Java," recalls Clara Joewono, a director at Jakarta's Centre for Strategic and International Studies. "After he won, all the kids in Pekalongan exploded on to the streets with their rackets."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krisna View Post
    That's their own fault... They un-invited themselves to All England and Thomas Cup [that were there even before the existence of Chinese badminton]... INA never ran away from competition that could have proved who were the best. For whatever reason, CHN did...
    China's fault ? Wrong ! It was China that are eager to proved which country is the best. that's why despite Hou and Tang already 30 and 32 y.o., they dare to challenge INA in 1974 AG, bcoz they really know who is the best. . If in 1974 AG they are still superior than INA, surely in 1970 - 1974 All England and 1970 & 1973 Thomas Cup they was more lethal . Hartono and also INA Men's team was very2 lucky that China was not IBF member. After 1974, CHN still compete in 1978 AG (INA won both) and the famous 1980 badminton friendly in Singapore, this time China won by 5 - 4
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