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    Default Overhead technique

    This post sounds like it belongs in the technique forum but i don't think it does

    So me and my mate were talking earlier and when we started badminton ages ago we created our own overhead technique, like the default overhead every1 thats uncoached uses. And we played badminton for ages using this technique without being taught a proper technique.

    So i'm just wondering
    how did all of you find out about the technique?
    how long you had been playing before you found out about the proper overhead technique?

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    Although I was the best in the class throughout high school, I thoroughly sucked at badminton until about a year ago. When I learned to use my wrist properly was the turning point, and a semi-pro player taught me. I then took intermediate classes with him and learned about everything there is to know about proper play, technique and form.

    I still have to master them, though...

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