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    Default Teaching Badminton Thread

    Wondering what are some good ways to teach badminton or parts of badminton - what things to focus on with beginners - and what things to avoid doing etc.

    any suggestions would be great.

    one thing I want to ask is - at the first phase with new students who can usually already rally, but not swing properly overhead

    what is the fastests & easiest way to teach those students to do the proper overhead swing for clear/smash/drop

    - should you teach some footwork before you go into working on the shots?

    it is hard to remember how it felt when you started badminton - but try putting the raquet in your left hand and doing the overhead swing, it will feel very awkward - that is close to how it will feel to your students.

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    For the overhead action, you can do something like this:

    1. Get you students to throw shuttles over the net. Challenge them to throw from the baseline
    2. Explain that overhead strokes use the same action, but with a racket. Shadow this with them.
    3. Practise clears. Single shot racket feeds (high serve), and clears from standing (no travel phase).

    After this, you can progress the practice to include elements like travel, or continuous rallying.

    For the students who really don't get it, you need a long stick with a shuttle attached by string

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