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I have had many people complain when I do an abrupt backswing in advance of the serve. I place the racquet head in front of me, then the shuttle in front of that. Then I jerk the racquet head back toward my body, pause, and then begin the forward motion. Many players expect an immediate forward motion so when it doesn't come, they complain that I have had two movements. I thought that only the forward movement needed to be continuous and that a separate backswing was okay. Nothing in the rules contradicts this. Even a coach from Kim Dong-moon's professional team accused me of this (which is ironic since I'm convinced one of his top players breaks rule 9.7 on almost every serve) when I did this against him. The only thing I can think of is that jerking a racquet head back may produce a tiny bit of instability when the backward motion is stopped but I don't think my opponents are keen enough to detect this. When people are miffed at having been caught off-guard, it isn't uncommon to conclude that there must have been something wrong with it.

The other weird thing about where I'm from is that no one ever calls a net touch violation unless the tape is touched. When an arm or hip contacts the mesh, no one says "boo". I think I've seen glancing contact with mesh go uncalled in an international match, too, but I can't remember where. In local club games, though, I've seen entire torsos go crashing into the mesh (the bottoms are never tied off) and no opponent even considers calling a fault whereas contact with the tape is always called with vigilance.
What you describe about your serve is perfectly legal, as long as there is only one continuous forward movement which no inadvertent jerk forward at the end of the backswing.

Most people expect that the serve starts from the first backward movement but this is definitely not the case, as quoted above.

I guess it causes grief to people mainly when you normally serve without the pause and occasionally do the pause becasue they are using the backward movement as their cue to move - which is itself illegal.

You could always carry a copy of the rules with you - which is good advice for anyone, really - to show the doubters who challenge you.

You should start calling net touches properly yourself. Local variations are not valid and the rule talks about the net in its entirety - not just the tape.

Some will argue that it should not matter, but the fact is that it does and they are being penalised for lack of control, effectively.