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    Default Im changing strings and need some advice.

    Im playing with Victor G7500III, 90-95g,290-300 balance (now 260 mm because overgrip), carbon shaft, graphite head, factory strung with Ashaway rally 21 (0.75 mm) at 8 kilos (18 lbs). After 3 months of playing string losed tension of course and I want to change string now. I can chose from rally 21, yonex bg 65 & 65 ti strings. I guess I should bought 65 TI but now its to late and I got bg-65. Sugested string tension on racquet is 8-9 kg (standard one). Now please clear some things for me to be sure.

    First of all lets say that 8 kilos (18 lbs) with rally 21 is ok for me concerning power (clears/smashes) AND I play with nylon shuttles.

    1) If I play with .05 mm thiner string I will gain control and power right but will lose durability, but bg-65 is durable string so I wont lose durability and will gain everything right ?

    2) I dont know how much rally 21 got repulsion power (I guess lower than bg65 because its thicker) so if bg got higher repulsion that means I can string bg65 higher tension and still got enought power for clears right ? And at the same time I will gain on control ? right ?

    3) How high should I go in tension concerning I have no money for other racquet and I still want to hit clear (I know forearm technique tnx to this forum 8-))

    4) I read bg65 will lose some tension after stringing , how much is that ?

    5) Suggest me how much tight to string racquet ...

    6) Its maybe better to buy bg-65 Ti for stringing at lower tensions because I dont need durability that much cause its low tension, right ?

    Thank you !!

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    Default Re: Im changing strings and need some advice.

    hey Bojan, i recommend that stringing BG 65 Ti or BG 70 Pro at around 20lbs is suitable for you.Since u said that u want power and durability, right? I think BG 65Ti is better than BG70 pro for you, because, BG 70 pro is a bit higher replusion power than BG 65 Ti, so that higher tension is needed in order to having a good control. I have tried Bg65 Ti strung at 24 lbs on my Cab-20 CN, it does give me good control and holds the tension pretty well since i have been using it for 3 months already( i play 2 times, 6 hrs a week).
    Another suggestion is that get the BG 43, its thicknes is 0.75, i think it still can satisify your demand.

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    Default Re: Im changing strings and need some advice.

    Tnx for opinions on that but I would really like my questions be answered in simple style
    1) yes/no
    2) yes/no ....

    I need to fill some holes and I will do that by knowing answers to those questions. Like I said I can get only bg-65 and 65TI , nothing more so i need explicit info on those two !!! Tnx again for the effort addict 8-)

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    Default Re: Im changing strings and need some advice.

    How do you answer 3, 4 and 5 yes/no?

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    Default Re: Im changing strings and need some advice.

    As a starter, I suggest you string 2lbs higher for BG65 as it stretches so much. That makes 20lbs which 'should' be OK. (of course, I am not liable for your racquet breaking/warping).

    The other details are superfluous. Just enjoy the game.

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    Default Re: Im changing strings and need some advice.

    Thank you again Cheung, I guess you are my knowledge angel here in some way 8-).

    Shuttlemaster I wrote 1,2 yes/no and put dots, not 1,2,3,4,5 yes/no, ok ?

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