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Why Malaysia cannot produce good women players?

It's simple.

In Malaysia, Malay is the majority race (66%), Chinese (23%), Indian (9%) and the rest (2%).
Malay all are muslim, and in Malaysia muslim girls cannot wear short pants/shirt at anytime. So how are they going to play in sports? Can you wear long pants, long gown & scraf playing badminton?
How are you going to expect If just depends on the 23% of chinese and the others race?
that's not very fair... i know a few malay girls who can play really well. and who says they can't wear shorts anyways? i've seen malay girls in shorts and miniskirts b4...

norsyahliza baharum is one of the malay players i noe who can play well and does not wear long pants/gowns/scarf while playing... in fact, there are a few malay players currently in bjss as well.