jst want to note that i have only tried few rackets, but here is my finding

like i have mentioned in earlier posts, i am new to badminton, not "that" new but i haven't been playing for few years now, i first purchased a fake mp99 over ebay, not knowing its fake(and it was done poorly as well), i purchased another, at800de.

the 3rd times when i use this racket, i have hurted my arm already, been resting for almost 2months, with my last badminton experience playing cautiously, i had to wonder what went wrong...

but then, last time when i had a try on ns8k, which was a 3U version, i had no problem swinging it and did not experience the pain(minor, or discomfort rather) i have using my at800de for the last 3hours, and in fact, i felt an instant relief on my arm

today i just took my fake racket out again and gave a little bit of swing, i found that its more pleasant than swinging my at800de, i gave both racket a little pressure on bending it, i notice the fake racket is very soft, would that be a reason that is causing my arm's pain? because my swing is weak? with a head heavy/stiff racket, even at 4U i still couldn't flex it?

since at800 and ns8k are both stiff, would that be because of the balance of the racket? the fake racket i was trying at home should be quite evenly balance through swinging it, though it is certainly heavier than ns and at

please let me know if i have posted on the wrong thread of i am being a lazy @$$ for not searching for old posts

thank you

getting another racket soon, would like to eliminate as much variable as possible to avoid wasting money(yet again... )