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    Default Mp77 string tension

    I just bought an MP 77 and i want to string it with Bg-85 strings, anyone have any recommended string tension? I am looking for power and control, i dont really care about durability...

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    Default Re: MP77 string tension

    Allen, really depends on what tension you are using now. If you are using 20-22lbs. then moving higher will give you a different feel to your shots. Some people feel going to higher tensions gives a rather hard feeling(like hitting a board) with no feel and really hard to play delicate shots. If your use to more bounce in your string, then moving to higher tensions will give you poor performance. Resulting in hating the racquet and string but really you are just using the wrong tension for yourself. Experiment with the tension and find what you are comfortable with. Maybe you are strong enough to handle 24lbs. which is the tension for selected BC posters. I use 24lbs. cross 22lbs. main and it works for me. Some days when I have an off day, seems that I am hitting with a board. That is only 10% of the time. I was very satisfied with 21/21lbs on my ISO800 till the racquet cracked at 12 o'clock. I learned my lesson not to string with the same tension on main and cross. Finding the right tension for oneself is a trial and error process. Good luck.

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    Default Re: MP77 string tension

    i use bg 88ti at 24 x 22 like johnson and it's great !! you do need some more arm power i think but your power will be fantastic !! be careful of control though - the mp 77 being head heavy makes hitting precise net shots difficult.

    But going to a higher tension will give you more control - i.e. since there's less bounce you'll have to be more "conscious" of exactly how hard you strike the shuttle which will rapidly increase your control.


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    Default Re: MP77 string tension

    ummm its all personal preference and the way u hit/the strength u exert.
    its different for everyone so u really need to experiment.
    i settle'd in at 24x26lb on my cab23. i had 22x24 on my mp77

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