Through the forums I am able to see that GGBC is in the midst of tailoring a simple yet effective system for badminton fans to enjoy each Yummy game.

I must jealously say that the system implemented in GGBC is so far better than the ones in Malaysia (if at all there are any systems in place over here save for the efficient system for collection of money $$$ for court bookings ). Furthermore, GGBC provides exciting events lined up within the club itself so that players can have the opportunity to get to know one another...

Hats-off to GGBC Management for the commendable efforts!
(Disclaimer: I'm not on a promo contract with GGBC ya...hehee! I'm just so impressed and thought I could not just sit down and silently surf the page!)

It is funny how such services are not made available at the courts in Malaysia and Hey, there are no free shuttles... And yet, there are long queues to place court bookings over here...it's no joke. There are times I would need to book the court a year ahead of the calendar.

Wish there's a GGBC-alike in Malaysia. Do GGBC have any plans for expansion (at least to KL, Malaysia) ???