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    Default Casual Club? (Halifax)

    I'm looking for a place to play in Halifax. (Clayton Park area would be awesome, but anywhere is fine.)

    It's been years since I've actually played but would like to get back into it. I'm 27 now and haven't really played much at all since high school.

    I was never overly competitive but did play competetively in school. I know I won't be anywhere near the level I once was though so I'm hoping for somewhere that's casual but not too casual.. if that makes any sense.

    Ideally I'd like to find people at a similar skill level and get some exercise along the way.

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    Default Howdy

    Clayton Park will be a great place when the new Canada Games Centre opens in the Fall!! Until then......

    1) Your smartest/cheapest bet to get back into the swing of things in a social way is to sign up for one of the Halifax Regional Municipality recreation programs. Sign up started on Tuesday, but there should still be spots available.

    -Saint Andrew's Centre would have been close, but the spots there go quickly.
    -Saint Stephen's in the North End always seems to have openings. I can't speak for the quality of play.

    2) More expensive would be to buy a membership to Dalplex and play with their club (Sun/Wed/Fri). Wide variety of skill.

    3) There are other groups around that vary as to cost and who-you-have-to-know to join. eg. Mount Saint Vincent (Tues); Citadel High (Wed); Mount Uniacke(?fri); and lots more I wouldn't know about.

    4) You could contact the Nova Scotia Badminton Association for further information. ( But I'm not sure that they are staffed such that you are likely to get a quick answer.

    Hope that helps.
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