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so one good eagnas and one shotty one huh? I'm really debating if I should go with the flex 740 or not. nickywicky, i would be interested in more info from you about your machine. I'm in the exact same boat, squash and badminton. Any problems mounting squash frames? did you use the throatless adapter advertised on the eagnas site?
Although i'm looking at a different machine, they look to be somewhat similar in construction. Does your machine disassemble easily? I move back and forth between N.A. and Asia and it would be nice to take the machine around with me.

No problems mounting both badminton & squash rackets and the flex 740 looks like it should be ok too. (Although nearly everything than can be adjusted needed adjusting to go from squash to badminton (prob less than 5 mins to adjust)). And no I didn't use the throatless adaptor.

I do note that the Flex 740 doesn't come with the badminton&squash clamps (only tennis) so you'll need to get a couple of those.

To dissasemble it you would need to remove the tension head (4 hex bolts), and the mounting system which is only a few more bolts and maybe a screw as well for the drop weight bar. Probably less than 10 mins but it must weigh more than 20kgs. (I'm just guessing the weight, I couldn't find the info and I don't have any scales to weigh it I'm sorry.) I'd ask Eagnas the exact weight and then you would need to consider that more than how easy it is to assemble and dissasemble.