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    Smile setting up a gym?

    hey guys,

    I live in stockton, about an 1.5 hours from the bay, we have a small community of decent badminton players here and I would like to set up a gym sometimes in the near future. Considering, industrial warehouse rental are pretty cheap, about .40/sf. And we dont need that many courts, maybe 4, 5. so about 5.000sf warehouse will do.

    But I need help getting the gym floor done, anyone has any info on flooring and equipments would be a big help.
    material, price, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Badmancan,

    I'm not sure if you have taken a look at other options besides (raised) wood flooring. You should try to evaluate the cost of synthetic mats (which you can take with you should you have to relocate) versus capitol improvements to the warehouse which may require you to demolish when your lease expires.


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