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    Default since when has ZJW become a forehand defender?

    i noticed in the chinese national game that Zhang Jiewen has started to be a predominately forhand defender. ie. one who prefers to use forehand when the shuttle is in front of her. i know that Gao Ling is one, but most ppl are naturally backhand. and i remember that ZJW was a backhand as well.

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    Default Zjw

    Wow, that's observant.

    I've always noticed how Gao Ling likes to defend on her forehand, love her crouch defence, but ZJW? Have to pay more attention to her recent matches.

    Maybe ZJW has been watching Gao and decided that it's a better, more aggressive way to return smashes?

    Always wondered why ZJW and Gao never played as a pair, they seem better than Yang or Huang, respectively.

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