Lin Dan, Bao Chunlai may be exhausted since they played continuously since September. Who will be hot and who not in this China Open? Can Taufik, Gade win in China? or Wong CH repeats this time? What to watch in this China Open?

I think the most thing making China open unique from other opens is that there are a lot of young guns from China, those young players have the capability to make the draws meaningless. Jiang Yanjiao, the national champion of China, with many unheard teenagers from nowhere, will challenge top players in the early rounds. Besides Jiang, there are lots of other interesting match-ups to watch in early rounds, Li Yu from China vs former Malaysia champ James Chua, the winner of the two could stop number 2 seed Jonassen. Lee Hyun Il vs You Hao from China in the 1st round, if he advances, will meet another teenager from China Lu Yi, Gade vs Gong Weijie in the 2nd round, Bao CL vs Xie Xin in 2nd round. Wong CH vs Lu QC,... Two Indonesia proteges, Taufik and Sony get lucky, they will not meet any Chinese in first 2 rounds.