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Tentatively, according to worldbadminton.net, the finals of Singapore Open will be on 11th June and the finals of Malaysia Open will be on 18th June. But it's still not confirmed yet! ARGH!!! I hope it'll be comfirmed soon... Anyone planning to come over to watch?
I hadn't looked at the IBF calendar in a while but now that I do I see a couple of other interesting things. There are two long strings of 4 big-money events. Four in a row in May-June! Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taipei. It now says Malaysian Open will be in Kuching, Sarawak, by the way.

Then in October, after a week break following the WC, another 4-event string starts: China, Japan, Korea, and Denmark. Actually, a week break after Korea and then 2 events in Denmark and the Netherlands. Last one is only a 2*, though.

That's a lot more concentration than we usually see.