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Thread: Tournament PREP

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    Default Tournament PREP

    I was just wanted to know people's opinions/experiences of what works preparing for a tournament! (school/team/league etc.)

    For me I do about 10-15 minutes of stretching. Some hopping on my toes for warm up. I also swing my racquet a couple of times. Then I am just about good to go for match.

    However, I play doubles and I have noticed that me and my partner (my partner mostly!) do good at the beginning but when opponent scores a point. He
    starts to play bad. He misses the shuttle and stuff. The weird thing is he doesn't even notice! And I think that kinda brings me down and then i start to hit off..

    Is there anything out there exercises or somethin for mental prep!?

    Just wanted to know that and just wanted to know how everyone here prepares before competitive games/ tournaments.

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    Default Re: Tournament PREP

    Yup, tell your partner to concentrate when you notice this happening esp if he doesn;t notice it.. It's good to communicate (politely) during the game or in the breaks. But, the rules don't allow much time.

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