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    Anyone knows what happened to Taufik and the Danish men players in Korean Open? Seems like they did not turn up for the tournament. Shon Seung Mo, Richard Vaughan are also no-shows. This is strange.

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    Shon is now in the 2nd round!!!

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    Sorry, I meant Hendrawan.

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    I heard that Taufik and Hendrawan has problems with getting their visas as the PBSI were late in submitting their visa applications. Don't quote me on this as it was a rumour.

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    Peter Gade, Kenneth Jonassen and Anders Boesen are all injured, allthough it's only Peter who's seriously injured.

    Kenneth and Anders have opted to skip Korean Open in order to be fully fit to the European Championship held i Sweden next month.

    Peter on the other hand has just gone through an operation in the knee, so he will have to rest for at least 8-10 weeks before he can start practicing again

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    they (PBSI) said taufik is not ready to play in korean open

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