My question is about the tensioning in the 2knot method. On the last Main string were the string passes into the crosses how many pounds do you tension it?

Example: Mains are 26lbs and you going to do your Crosses at 28lbs
Do you just tension the last Main at 26 and just tension the crosses at 28lbs?

I ask this question because im concerned about the raquet morphing. Im thinking that one side of the raquet will be morphed because on the other side of the main its knoted; there is no 28lbs pull on the knot unlike the other side.

Another reason i ask this question is because when i got my racquet strung at OCBC (Orange County Badminton Club) they used the 2 knot method and in about a month my MP 100 was morphed. I know that its the Jr National players who string customers racquets though and a couple are just learning to string. So if i gonna do 2 knots mehtod i want to do it right .