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    Post BAMís way to take on China

    NST 27th Dec
    The BA of Malaysia (BAM) is to take on the might of China - in a different way.
    While acknowledging that China is the world's badminton superpower as far as world beaters are concerned, the BAM wants to match the Chinese in the production of potential world-class players, women and men.

    "We know the Chinese are just too good for the rest of the world now. The players they have, both men and women, are awesome and it will take a lot to dislodge them," said BAM secretary P. Ganga Rao.

    "We admit we have to learn from them in order to beat them. And one possible way is to keep producing good players.

    "If all our affiliates, the States that is, join the race to churn out potential world beaters for the BAM to develop further, then we have a chance to match the Chinese.

    "In fact, we want our affiliates to behave and think independently as far as the grooming and training of young players are concerned.

    "We want them all to be in the race and to outdo each other in producing the best talents for the parent body to develop ," said Ganga.

    And that's why the BAM is eyeing the newly-completed RM14 million Johor Badminton Academy in Johor Baru as a potential training centre to serve the southern region.

    As it is, the BAM now operates its one and only academy in the Federal capital and is finding it tough, logistically, to cope with the growing numbers housed in the academy in Kuala Lumpur.

    "I had a look at the new academy with officials from the Johor BA and it's a very suitable venue. It would be very good if we can jointly run an academy with the Johor BA," said Rao.

    The academy, situated in the housing estate of Taman Perling, can accommodate nine courts with hostel facilities on an upper level for about 30 people.

    It is a privatised project with the Johor Government providing the land in exchange for a condominium project.

    "There is a need to set up an academy in the south because there are parents who are living in Malacca or Johor Baru who are quite reluctant to sent their children to Kuala Lumpur.

    "If we have one (an academy in Johor Baru) than our problems are solved," said Rao.

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    Misbun once said, Malaysia are 6yrs behind china & 3yrs behind indonesia.
    6 and 3 isnt a big gap, with much effort a lot of things can be solve..

    Much better than Football, where MAlaysia is estimated 20yrs ++ behind England.

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