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    Someone please answer my querry,if the shuttle lands such that the base hits the ground just out side the line (any boundry) but before coming to rest it either topples on the line or part of it rests on the line is it in or out.

    we are facing this problem as many times the knob of shuttle hits outside the court but feathers touch the line before coming to rest and we are not sure how to judge it.

    please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaustubh
    ...but feathers touch the line before coming to rest...
    The call is determined by that part of the shuttle that touches the floor first!

    BUT...... 99.999% of the time, it is the cork that will touch the floor first, thus whatever the feather touches is irrelevant because the rally is already over.

    You do not wait for the shuttle to "come to a stop" before making the call!


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