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    Default IBF: New Scoring System for Melbourne 2006

    At the International Badminton Federation Council Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December 2005, the council approved the decision to experiment with the 3x21 rally point scoring system. This will apply to all IBF sanctioned events, carrying world ranking points, with effect from 1 February 2006. In addition to IBF sanctioned events, the upcoming multi-sport event, the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games has also decided to adopt the new scoring system.

    IBF welcomes the Commonwealth Games transition to the new era of badminton. Melbourne 2006's far sighted decision to go with the new scoring system is positive for the sport. IBF is confident that the new scoring system will create a more exciting game for spectators and be more appealing to the media especially television.

    In accepting the new direction of the sport, Melbourne 2006 and the Commonwealth Games have shown that they are a multi-sport event for the modern era. IBF congratulates Melbourne 2006 on their decision. Punch Gunalan, Deputy President said, "The M2006 decision follows on the success of the Chinese Masters event ( Invitational World Cup, I think) that was held in the new format in December 2005. The IBF Council is confident this would be the scoring system to be used for the next Olympics."

    IBF is confident that its technical officials will be up to the new game; all of our players will also be well versed in the new rules, having played the very important Thomas and Uber Cup Preliminary rounds in that format in the weeks before the Commonwealth Games. Some Continents will also have played their Continental Championships in the new format.

    Jan17, 2006

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    Thanks for the heads up. Will keep that in mind.

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