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    Does anyone know a good and cheap shops in Hong Kong for badminton equipment, but I don't want to buy any SP rackets and maybe I would like to buy some CN/CP/JP rackets but maybe not from Luxis (no offense) but they really have the prices a bit high. Or maybe someone could tell me a lace in Guangzhou, China.

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    hm ... if u want to shop for the racket online, i have this great site u could go check out. it's a site in china, near Guangzhou, they offer genuine yonex rackets and some other brands as well, The price is really cheap, and right now they are doing a promotion, so if u purchase any yonex rackets, u could pick any strings to have it customized and string on the racket. the site is

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    I'm not sure that CN racquets are cheap anywhere.

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