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Thread: Shame on IBF

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    Quote Originally Posted by demolidor

    This discusion is carbon copy of volleyball years ago and now you don't hear anything about that anymore, even about the tighter outfits for women.
    yes but nor do you hear anything about volleyball in general
    unless its the beach variety..

    maybe PG could explore that route

    well i'm not too bothered about the change, i'm still playing 15x3, and the professionals...well its their job....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkusmanto
    I don't know whether this system can make badminton more interesting/populer or not. But I thing I don't agree is the reasons of Mr. Gunalan.
    Mr. Gunalan said that to make badminton more interesting, IBF need to change the scoring system, to make the match shorter, bla.. bla... bla....
    I wonder why tennis get so many attention, even a match can last 4 hour ?

    I am sure badminton will be more interesting/populer if IBF can do its job as proffesional as ATP/WTA.
    'cause of the se-x appeal in tennis. Cut short all the nonsense. There are also more sponsors in tennis like HUGE MONEY SPONSORS. From the looks of it, one HUGE MONEY SPONSOR in tennis contributes more in one tournament then half the world grandprixs combined for badminton....

    Whatever happens happens. I can't be bothered arguing this point anymore. Close the thread or something, seeing the same thing over and over again is depressing. Hence one of the reasons my presence at the forums has been greatly reduced. I myself have learned over the past year to reduce saying statements which might cause controversy or in this case cause a flame war in the thread. Everyone should learn to deal with it. There are more serious problems in the world than badminton scoring.

    IBF is trying to do something, whether it's correct or not is a different thing. At least it's putting some effort to promote your favourite sport and I do not think it is a crime. They may be doing the wrong things but the effort still counts.

    P.S I have no idea what I just wrote. *am currently drunk*

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    Default My way is better than yours/You do it your way I do it mine

    Is it possible that two systems can co -exist

    except for Thomas cup and Worlds with worldwide telecasts.

    associations organise tours their own way, up to players to

    choose tours, then AE can continue in its traditional form.

    Probably more competition to raise prestige.

    Tennis eg. can tolerate clay surfaces, grass etc.

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