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    Default my some suggesting on badminton development

    The "IBF Events" should include World Championships (Team & Individual), World Cup/Olympics, World Grand Prix Series & Finals.
    Each of "IBF Events" should have such classes as veteran, senior and junior, e.g. World Championships should split into three parts such as World Veteran Championships (now called World Senior Championships), World Senior Championships (now called World Championships) and World Junior (splitting into four parts such as U21, U19, U17 and U15) Championships. And the other "IBF Events" such as World Cup/Olympics and World Grand Prix Series & Finals should do so.

    Each of "IBF Events" should have Qualification itself.
    The "World Team Qualification" Competitions in every continent should be regarded as Continental Team Competition respectively.
    The "World Team" Competitions include Menís & Womenís Team (Thomas & Uber Cups) in even year and Mixed Team (Sudirman Cup) in odd year.
    The "World Individual Qualification" Competitions in every continent should be regarded as Continental Individual Competition respectively.
    The "World Individual" Competitions include "World Cup/Olympics" in even year and World Championships in odd year.
    The "World Finals Qualification" Competitions in every continent should be regarded as Continental Finals Competition respectively.
    The "World Finals" Competition should be held every year.

    There will be five associations holding their Open Tournaments respectively in every continent every year. And if there are no more than five associations to hold their Open Tournaments in a certain continent in one year, there will be other association(s) of other continent(s) to hold these Open Tournament(s).
    All competitions must include two parts, namely, Senior tournaments (in even week) and Junior (U21, U19, U17 and U15) ones (in odd week) and Veteran (either in even or in odd week or both) will be welcome to be included.

    As for entries, Open Tournaments should be not limited in every event (main draw should be no more than and no less than 64 for five events Ė MS, WS, MD, WD and XD), and World Championships and it's Qualification should be no more than 64 players/pairs and every association should have no more than 4 players/pairs in every event, And World/Olympics and it's Qualification should be no more than 28 players/pairs and every association should have no more than 2 (current 3 players/pairs) players/pairs in every event, and World Finals and it's Qualification should be no more than 16 players/pairs (only according to relevant world ranking in spite of association-ship ) in every event. All players/pairs qualified for World Championships or World Cup/Olympics or World Finals must be 1) entering into 2nd round respectively in relevant Qualification in relevant continent firstly, and 2) top players/pairs in relevant world ranking secondly.
    The winner of Qualification of every continent should get ticket directly for "IBF Events" respectively, and the others, who must enter into 2nd round of Qualification respectively, will be decided who can get tickets by the newest World ranking or World Team Ranking. All the "IBF events" should be no prize but with points of 7 star tournament.

    The Oceania Badminton Confederation (OBC) should merge into Asian Badminton Confederation (ABC) in order to advance the Badminton level of those associations in the OBC by continual intercommunion with the ABC's Badminton Powers such as China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. throughout world/continental tournaments.

    If the total prize of an Open Championships is up to US$300,000, this tournament should be regarded as a 7 star tournament as much as the IBF's Individual Tournaments (Worlds, World Cup/Olympics, World Finals). And in every event of an Open Championships, All players/pairs entering into Q-finals should be given prize according to the class of tournament. The distribution of Prize and Points should be as follows (points should be in proportion to Prize in a certain tournament):
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