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    Default Any Suggestions...?

    Sorry for making another racquet suggestion thread!

    But I'm looking for something Quite specific.

    Does anyone know of a racquet with all or Most of the following attributes? :
    • 2U Weight (90-94g Frame)
    • Head-light balance
    • Isometric
    • Mid-Flex to Stiff shaft (Not fully flexible Nor ultra-stiff)
    - The only current racquet I can find in the Yonex line at the moment is the Yonex Ti-6 (Ti-6 Light), if it is head-light. That's mid-flex/mid-stiff, 2U, Isometric as well.

    edit: Ti-6 isn't ultra-desirable due to it's no longer continued here, but it is importable I believe

    Babolat produce 3U racquet with the above characteristics which I may resort to. (Babolat Booster Lite).

    The only Yonex with those characteristics available as 2U in the UK I believe is the Cab 10 MS, which is a Classic head shape, obviously, being in the Carbonex series.

    Can't afford NS7000/NS8000, nor do I know whether/where they are obtainable from in the UK in the 2U variety. The budget really would be more a max of 70 ish

    - Anyone else know of a racquet with the above characteristics?

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