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    Default Importance of Padding

    Okay, so I have a Klippermat M140. Standard drop wegith 2 point machine. However, after looking at the "my at800 cracked after restringing" thread, I am a bit scared. So, I was wondering what you guys use for padding. Right now, I just rely on the original leather padding. And I leave a little space between the metal "screw/support". Do you guys put padding between the metal and the top of the racket?

    So everyone, please share your opinion on how you restring.

    FYI I never string above 21/23. Too risky! And too high, I snap strings like no tomorrow.

    P.S. anyone wanna sell me spring fly clamps? My klippermate ones suck.

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    For spring-loaded flying clamps, HiQua, Gamma and Yonex are very good.

    For padding, you might try a combination of hard and rough raw hide leather and overgrip (Yonex SuperGrap).

    Hope these suggestions help!

    Oh, you should ask LB and BlueJeff are the M140. I think they are using that model.

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