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    Default Carlton Airblade 3.7s

    Hi everyone.

    I saw this racket on and it looked rather interesting. Perhaps its specs point to it not being very suitable for the modern game but I think it'd be quite a fun hit. Before I drop 40 on something that's complete rubbish, I was just wondering if anyone has tried this racket before?


    • Length: 66.5cm
    • Weight: 99g
    • Balance: Head Heavy
    • Flex: Flexible
    • String Type: Force 70
    • String Tension: 18-28lbs
    • Head Shape: Classic
    • Construction: Carbon


    Thanks in advance.

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    Why on Earth would you want that? You may as well just go on Ebay and buy some random old racket for 5 instead.
    (I just posted that one because my first ever racket - about 17 years ago - was a Jaguar)

    40 isn't even that cheap - you can buy a pretty decent racket for 40-50.

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